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Steve is a fantastic person to engage with. It is rare to find someone who can navigate the fine line between business process, and day-to-day realities, thus not creating process for the sake of it. Steve has demonstratively added value to our business, and provided XCentral with an action plan that has streamlined our business, enabling us to be more efficient. Steve is clearly a person of high integrity and possesses attention to detail, we are more than happy to highly recommend Steve.

Phil Patelis, Managing Director

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Premier Technology Solutions

I would like to take the opportunity to express our thanks to Steve for the fantastic 3 days of work. We did not really know what to expect and if the sessions would be value for money but Steve exceeded our expectations on all fronts. He put in some long days on our behalf and “wowed” us with his product knowledge and approach. The latter being what really made the sessions valuable by way of Steve being able to very quickly grasp the idiosyncrasies of each of our departments and various audience members and adjust his style to cater to their needs and product experience level. Steve interacted with many of my team members over the 3 days and has made them all into fans. We will have no hesitation in asking Steve back into our business.

Ross MacKenzie, Director

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CodeBlue Auckland

Steve is an excellent resource who takes on board what the client is trying to explain, confirms understanding and then proceeds to answer with an educated and clear response.

Steve’s calm nature is also helpful in both simplifying complex situations, and reassuring during a high pressure environment such as a migration or month end.

Mark Modricker, Business Process Improvement Consultant

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