Integrated Security Technologies

Integrated Security Technologies

I had the opportunity to work with Steve on a wide array of issues related to our internal business processes and databases, I learned something new every time we met, and he always had great suggestions. Steve’s expertise when it comes to workflow automation, right-sizing processes, and insights into standards used by other similar businesses has made our processes much more efficient. That also equated to big savings, as I walked into our first meeting thinking I would need to hire someone to manage our business tools, but was pleasantly surprised to see how much could be automated! I have a much clearer view into our business now, and a much greater appreciation for the tools we use. I always look forward to working with him as he brings a common sense approach to everything he does, and has a knack for making complicated things sound a lot less complicated and manageable.

Michael Gonzalez, Director of Technology and Sales
O: 808.836.4094
C: 808.282.1804



Steve Hillerson has worked closely with me and my team over the past 3 years to get to know our business and assist us with our migration to the Connectwise suite of products. Steve has been invaluable in assisting us to plan and design the various different modules of Connectwise based on our specific business requirements with a forward thinking approach to ensure that Connectwise is planned not only for the immediate business needs but also the future. Steve has brought a wealth of industry knowledge and insight which helped us understand alternative ways to achieve our design goals, and was able to communicate these design ideas clearly to my wider team which included new Connectwise Administrators, Administration and Accounting Staff as well as my Operational Team.

We look forward to working with Steve again in the future.

Dave Wright, Operations Manager
Fastcom New Zealand Ltd.
Fastcom Australia PTY Ltd.



“Focus Networks have worked with Steve throughout our journey with ConnectWise and find his wealth of experience invaluable. Given we have been in the IT service industry for over 20 years, we tend to align ourselves with product specialists who are experts in their field. Steve is one such expert who’s product experience helps drive efficiency and process improvements within our growing business.”

Doug Cusens, Operations Director
Focus Networks.

Oxygen IT

Oxygen IT

I have worked with Steve now for two years. His product and process knowledge for MSP’s has added value to our business which encouraged us to make some positive changes. He can work with the “legacy” that sits with the business and enable us to think about the change that we could or should make.
We really enjoy working with Steve as he is very honest and personable and helps us get the job done.

Alana Tisch, Wellington Area Manager
0800 10 10 95.



Steve Hillerson worked with me and with my team of senior engineers to help us customise our Invoice layouts in ConnectWise. Steve’s experience and insight as a business consultant was evident throughout the process. He was quick to understand what we were asking for, and providing us with a workable solution. Steve communicates clearly, promptly and professionally. I would recommend him without hesitation as a valuable aid to senior professionals who are looking to customise and automate their business systems.

Nathan Warnecke, Director | itro
03 9421 5955 | 0418 396 799
96 Stephenson Street, Cremorne, 3121

x central


Steve is a fantastic person to engage with. It is rare to find someone who can navigate the fine line between business process, and day-to-day realities, thus not creating process for the sake of it. Steve has demonstratively added value to our business, and provided XCentral with an action plan that has streamlined our business, enabling us to be more efficient. Steve is clearly a person of high integrity and possesses attention to detail, we are more than happy to highly recommend Steve.

Phil Patelis, Managing Director

premier tech

Premier Technology Solutions

I would like to take the opportunity to express our thanks to Steve for the fantastic 3 days of work. We did not really know what to expect and if the sessions would be value for money but Steve exceeded our expectations on all fronts. He put in some long days on our behalf and “wowed” us with his product knowledge and approach. The latter being what really made the sessions valuable by way of Steve being able to very quickly grasp the idiosyncrasies of each of our departments and various audience members and adjust his style to cater to their needs and product experience level. Steve interacted with many of my team members over the 3 days and has made them all into fans. We will have no hesitation in asking Steve back into our business.

Ross MacKenzie, Director

code blue

CodeBlue Auckland

Steve is an excellent resource who takes on board what the client is trying to explain, confirms understanding and then proceeds to answer with an educated and clear response.

Steve’s calm nature is also helpful in both simplifying complex situations, and reassuring during a high pressure environment such as a migration or month end.

Mark Modricker, Business Process Improvement Consultant

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